Terms and Conditions

• Registration and Confirmation

All registrations deemed valid by Gradsity will be confirmed within two working days. The contract is finalized when Gradsity confirms the registration and becomes legally binding. If the registered person is an adult, they become a contract partner with Gradsity. If the registered person is not an adult, their legal representative becomes the contract partner with Gradsity and must sign the contract with their full address. The person who signs the contract becomes a participant.

• Registration Fees

Once a student signs up for the complete process. They need to make a one-time payment through our payment gateway option to Gradsity. Only once total professional fees are received will Gradsity start the consultation process.

• Application Fees

The application fee is to be borne by the candidate for non-partnered universities to which the student wishes to apply. If a fee waiver is available at that time, no additional application fees are required. The student must process application fees through us if the application is made with our partnered universities. As in that case, we would act as an agent.

• Tuition fees

The candidate bears the tuition cost, and you must pay directly to the institute on their web portal. Gradsity is not responsible for making any tuition fee payment on the student’s behalf.

• Validity of education consultancy service

Service is valid only for one year, including the application process, student visa assistance, financial assistance, and loan assistance. After this particular tenure, Gradsity is not liable to provide any service extension. If a student wishes to continue service after one year, they need to avail of service again.

• IELTS Complimentary service

For those students who avail education consultancy package. Gradsity provides a free IELTS course at a specific time instructed by the Trainer. The student must join this course three months after signing up for Gradsity’s services. After three months, students can not attend online classes. Students can take up paid plan and join the IELTS course again.

• Refund Policy

There is no refund policy on any service availed through Gradsity.

• Accommodation

Gradsity is not liable for making any homestay booking on students’ behalf. Gradsity will provide assistance where students can apply, and they need to deal with rental agreements on their own completely. Gradsity will not be responsible for making accommodation rental payments for a student. A student is responsible for paying monthly rent and other daily expenses.

• Gradsity Package

If a student wishes to upgrade their package, they can do so by making a balance payment, but if the student wants to change the plan, which has lower fees, that is not possible according to companies’ policies.

• Visa registration

Visa registration fees are to be borne by the student.

• provided at the time of registration

The contract partner agrees that the information provided during a Study Abroad course registration form is precise. Any inaccurate data or omission may lead to eviction from the system. In that event, the course costs will not be refundable.

• Courier charges

Courrier charges are to be borne by the candidate. Gradsity is not responsible for any courier service.

• Cancellation before the commencement of the course
I agree with the clause that the processing fee for admission into a University or country is non-refundable. However, I would like to point out that the Gradsity Company provides a thorough service for abroad education, which includes admission and visa processing assistance. The consultants are liable to keep the processing fee payment for my application.

• Obligations of participants
All participants must be on time and present for the course duration. You will be responsible for choosing a system that matches your skill level. If you do not participate in class, come to class irregularly, or cause any disruptions during lessons, you will be expelled from the course. Gradsity will not reimburse you or pay for any missed periods or additional travel costs you incur.

• Discipline
If a participant demonstrates poor behavior, including but not limited to bad attitudes or a lack of discipline, Gradsity reserves the right to expel them immediately. In that event, no reimbursement or compensation will be given for any part of the missed course or any additional travel costs incurred.

• I confirm that the documents I submitted are genuine and legally valid.

• I now confirm that I would like Gradsity to act as my agent regarding my admission into an educational institution. I agree that any other services from other agents or similar organizations will be void and that Gradsity will be solely responsible for my admittance into an educational institution.
• I agree to the clause that the processing/enrollment fee paid for admission into a particular University or country is a non-refundable amount in any circumstances. I know that applying for abroad education through Gradsity Company includes the service provided by visa processing consultants. So, they are liable to keep the processing fee payment for my application.
• I authorize Gradsity to share and retain all my original/photocopies of documents required during the college application procedure. This comprises, but is not limited to, my passport/travel document and all other documents used in the college/university application and General visa application. I understand that by authorizing Gradsity to communicate and maintain these photocopies, I am permitting them to act on my behalf in sharing this information with third-party organizations.
• I understand that Gradsity can’t control the admission confirmation and visa application/interview outcome. In those circumstances, Gradsity won’t be held responsible for any claims.
• I agree to let Gradsity send me updates via SMS/Email or post.
• I confirm that Gradsity will not be responsible for any changes to visa rules after my application is submitted or for any changes that the college/university may make to its rules after I am admitted. I agree to pay the university tuition fee within one week of receiving my visa.

• I agree to provide a testimonial, visa copy, and flight details before leaving India.
• I approve that I have read and understood the terms and conditions above and wish to offer my case to Gradsity.

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