Study in Australia

Why Study in Australia ?

Australia has been emerging as a preferred study abroad destination for international students owing to a number of reasons. Some of the main benefits of studying in Australia for international students are:

  1. The Australian government ensures high standards of education. The educational quality check has got global recognition to the country and made it a popular student destination.
  2. The cost of living and studying are comparatively low in Australia. Especially, when compared to the costs of the UK and the U.S.
  3. The top benefit of studying in Australia for Indian students is the access to advanced technology. This makes the choice to study in Australia for Indian students more fascinating.
  4. Along with the developmental factors, the decision to study at universities in Australia is convenient due to the absence of a language barrier. As English is one of Australia’s main languages, it is easier for foreign students to live there.
  5. The choice to study in Australia for international students is rewarding in terms of career advancement. The Australian market is growing which offers students a number of lucrative job opportunities.
  6. When we talk about Australia, Kangaroos, koalas, wide open spaces of outback bush, clean air and water come to our mind. But Australia has much more to offer than just these. Australia is known for the standard of living it offers. An English-speaking nation, it has a population of about 12.5 million. People of diverse cultures stay in Australia, which makes it very attractive for the students who wish to study there. This supported by High quality education is quite attractive those looking at Australia as an education destination. Read: International Student Life in Australia.
  7. One of the top reasons as to why study in Australia is that students can live, learn and grow based on their own timelines. Australia is the place if you want a quality education and a good lifestyle. There is an added advantage of studying in Australia for international students because they get exposure and can expect growth in terms of their career by 15% annually. Since higher education comes with its pros for international students.

Top courses in Australia

Agricultural sciences



Biomedical engineering

Core engineering

Earth Sciences

Computer science and information technology


Tourism and hospitality management

Total Expense in Australia for International student

Universities among top 100 (globally) 06
Total Higher Education Institutions 1,000
Higher Education System Ranking #8 (THE 2020)
Total Courses Offered 22,000
Student Satisfaction Rate 90%
Best Student Friendly Australian Cities 07
International Student Scholarship AUD 300 million (invested)
Graduation Outcome 80%
Alumni Number 2.5 million (2019)
Tuition fees AUD 22,000 – 50,000
Accommodation AUD 110 – 280 per week
Groceries and eating out AUD 140 – 280 per week
Gas, electricity AUD 10 – 20 per week
Phone and Internet AUD 15 – 30 per week
Public transport AUD 30 – 60 per week
Car (after purchase) AUD 150 – 260 per week
Entertainment AUD 80 – 150 per week
Accompanied by a partner AUD$7,362
Accompanied by a child AUD$3,152


What are the average fees for students to study in Australia ?

The average tuition fee to study in Australia for undergraduates was AUD 36,000 and for postgraduates was AUD 39,000 approximately for the year 2020.

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