Spoken English

Skills and Personality

    Teaching Methodology

  • The teaching is carried out in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The learning skill is fun-filled and goes with learning and knowledge sharing.
  • Personal attention is given to addressing the needs of every individual.
  • Complete Practical training.
Course Duration

8 Weeks (Approx. 2 months)


10,000 INR for the entire course.

Total Classes

Total 40 classes

Duration – One Hour daily – Five days a week (Monday to Friday).

Class Timings

Batch 1 – 8.45 am to 9.45 am

Batch 2 – 3 pm to 4 pm

Batch 3 – 8 pm to 9 pm

Course Curriculum

1. Verbal and written communication – Parts of Speech and sentence formation (both spoken and written), prepositional phrases, coordinate conjunction, Active and Passive.
2. Spoken English- Vocabulary, Idioms, Phrases and abbreviations, foreign words and phrases
3. Writing skills – This will include E-mail writing, Letter Writing, preparation of CV and reports, Note making, and Notices.
4. Accent Training- voice modulation, consonants and vowels, intonation pattern, and syllable stress.
5. Personal grooming- Personal hygiene, Business etiquette, power of dressing sense
6. Time management with Goals – Learn to tackle procrastination, organize your workspace, and deal with time barriers.
7. Stress removal techniques – Motivational speech, sharing experiences, and setting daily routine.
8. Importance of Nutrition.
9. Importance of fitness, strength training, sports, and daily exercise.
10. Manners and social etiquette – Managing group communication, Leadership and Teamwork quality, Event management by case study.
11. Solutions to tackle day-to-day problems- Negotiating tips, building consensus, anger management, identifying solutions, and practicing implementing them.
12. Contemporary vocabulary- includes words for daily usage, business purpose, and professional use.
13. Grammar – Practical grammar understand and practice- includes Tenses, Verb, Active, Passive, prepositions, etc.
14. Non-Verbal communication- Body language, eye contact, gestures, expressions, and voice articulation.
15. Para Verbal Communication skills- Power of pitch, usage of right tone, managing your speed.
16. Mastering the art of conversation – Discussing general topics, sharing ideas and perspectives, our top networking tips.
17. Public Speaking- You will learn Introductory speech, Cultural diversity speech, Informative speech using visual aids, and Persuasive speech.
18. Art of participating in Group discussion – Group discussion on current topics.
19. Oration, Elocution, and debates – Discussion on the spot topics.
20. Press reporting and anchoring skills- Tips and techniques, Anchor styling, voice grooming.
21. Presentation skill – How to prepare and present
22. Communicating and contributing Ideas- At meetings, training programs, brainstorms, and focused discussions.
23. Business English- Setting the agenda, Participating, being diplomatic, agreeing, and disagreeing.
24. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)- How to have healthy emotions, clear thinking, appropriate action
25. Acing the personal (HR) Interview Techniques – Tips for preparing and answering questions in the HR round.

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